Our Mission

Located in New York City, Italy Art and Commerce, LLC  is your source for quality Italian art, crafts, food, and other goods.

Mission Statement

Italy Art and Commerce, LLC is the product of years of concerted efforts between cultural institutions and a power marketing process designed to acknowledge made in Italy brands' strengths through comprehensive product research, analysis, and a creative thought process aimed at identifying target audiences and distribution in the US market.

The Italy Art and Commerce, LLC team — operating simultaneously in Italy and in the US — delivers effective and actionable brands for our clients through projected supply and demand, impactful consumer, and promotions while developing and strengthening the clients' brand among target audiences. Behind a consistent digital social and strategic marketing campaign, Italy Art and Commerce, LLC engages creative and effective consumer promotions providing access to expert outlets in the United States.

The cultural marketing prepared by Italy Art and Commerce, LLC offers both a diverse approach to the creation, presentation, interpretation, collection, and preservation of art, as well as a connection with the clients' product, its origins, history, and cultural background to better understand its unique value proposition and formulate a unifying brand.